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UK Office: +44 1527 910 050


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Why Choose Spain

If you are looking to film in some of the most spectacular scenery in Europe then Spain is the ideal choice. We can provide crewing and production for TV, video, film and digital.

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Why Spain

Let's face, you can't rely on the British weather - so why not get your next production produced where the sun is almost guaranteed.

As trusted by

As Trusted By

Stormnet Media are trusted to produce videos by some of the UK's biggest brands. Now with our production office in Spain you have a reliable partner in Europe.

With the option to be filming on or in water one minute and then in a city or the mountains the next, Spain delivers everything you need and more. Check out our reel to see what you're missing.

"Check out our reel"

See why brands like 4com, nPower and Newey & Eyre trust as:

"A very friendly and responsive experience - it really felt like we were working with colleagues who were as committed to our deadline as we were. Great product too."

Simon Harrison - Product, Innovation and Technology Manager
nPower Plc

"The quality, content and visuals have more than exceeded my expectations and delighted the directors, CEO and Chairman - A really brilliant final film."

Gary Trudgett - Marketing Director

"Thanks for the videos - I think they both look great and I'm really pleased especially since you have had such a short time to create them."

Luke Biddle - Marketing Manager Newey & Eyre Ltd